What relaunching at Huron Chapel will look like...

Above the Clouds

What Covid-19 recovery looks like at Huron Chapel...

As our province continues to recover from the pandemic, here are a few safety-related things you need to know as we relaunch Sunday Services. 

  1. Whether you are at the chapel, watching with a Life group, or watching from home, we will all be watching the same service together.  

  2. If you are joining us in person on Sunday morning, pre-registration is required.  See our website homepage "Coming Events" section for the registration link each week. 

  3. As stipulated by Huron-Perth Public Health, face masks are required indoors. If you have children under the age of 2, they do not require a mask.  

  4. Please stay home if any of the following apply: you are feverish, having difficulty breathing, or have a new or existing cough; you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days; or you have had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19.  


  • Location: Worship will take place in the gym (during soundbooth renovations) or sanctuary, rows of chairs 2m apart; please allow at least 3 chairs between household units within a row.

  • Time: Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. (online livestream avialable after approx. 10:15 a.m.)

  • Doors: During soundbooth renovations we are using the lower parking lot and the gym, so enter by the lower double doors into the Fellowship Hall; keep you coat with you as we will exit by the gym doors. Once back upstairs, we will enter the double doors off the upper parking lot at the carport entrance, and exit by the single door at front of the sanctuary. Please keep a 2-meter distance between yourself and others not in your household at all times.

  • Screening: The usual coronavirus-related screening questions will be posted on the welcome post at the door. Those who are unable to pass the screening process are not to enter the building. 

  • Seating: When entering please move directly to a chair and do not linger in the aisles. Provincial guidelines limit the seating to 30% of normal capacity.  Please sit at least 3 chairs away from another household unit in the same row.  Please refrain from touching surfaces unnecessarily -- this minimizes the spread of germs.

  • Children: Children must remain with those who brought them; unfortunately we cannot porvide nursery or children’s programs at this time. Feel free to bring your own colouring pages and crayons etc., but remember to take them home with you. 

  • Sanitizers:  Hand sanitizer will be available and required upon entering. 1 squirt is enough.

  • Bathrooms: A Disinfectant Specialist who is trained will clean the facilities between each use. 

  • Singing: Huron Perth Public Health prohibits singing during church services; you are welcome to hum along, mouth the words, clap your hands to the music, raise hands in worship, etc.

  • Communion: Please bring your own elements for communion with you, as we cannot pass these out currently. 

  • Offering: An offering plate can be found near the entrance for anyone who wishes to use it. We highly recommend switching to electronic forms of giving (Automatic Funds Transfer, e-transfer, PayPal, etc.).

  • Leaving: At the close of worship, everyone is asked to leave the gym / sanctuary in orderly fashion; please maintain 2-meter distancing between household groups at all times; do not linger in the aisles or in the building. According to provincial guidelines, groups of 10 can gather outside if social distancing is maintained both within groups and between groups.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. As we work through this next stage of relaunching there will be changes coming. Please continue to uphold our leadership in prayer as we seek God for His direction, and follow the opportunities that He brings along. Church is going to look different but we know that we serve an amazing God who is in control and who loves us and the communities in which we live.  He has called every one of us to bless others and invite them to follow Jesus.  As we move forward may we strive to glorify God in all we do.  

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