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Loving Jesus Serving Others Together


About Huron Chapel

“‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind… ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’  The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

Matthew  22:37-40

Our Mission 
His Missions is Our Mission 
Our Values

Values are partly descriptive and partly prescriptive. The following values tell us about ‘who we are in some measure’ and ‘who we want to become.’  

Our values also enrich our understanding of what we mean by Serving Jesus, Serving Others, Together

We live out this mission by loving Jesus, preaching, studying and applying God’s Word, living on Jesus’ Mission as we bless others and share the Good News, growing in our love for each other, sharing generously, and expressing our life in Jesus with joyful passion.  

Join us in this exciting journey of ‘becoming’ all that the Lord Jesus has ‘called us to be’! God bless you.

1.     We value Loving Jesus and are learning to be like Him in our attitudes, behaviours, and character.

2.     We value the Word of God -- preached, studied, and applied.

3.     We value the Mission of Jesus demonstrated by blessing others and proclaiming the message, near and far.

4.     We value Loving Relationships, and seek a deeper love for God and for others.

5.     We value Generosity, giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our time, talents, and treasures.

6.     We value Passionate Spirituality and joy that comes from glorifying God in all that we do.

Pastor Mark and Glenda Royall
Ernest Dow | Executive Pastor

Ernest grew up on a dairy farm near Mitchell, found Jesus through the United Church, and graduated with a Master's in Science (corn physiology) from the University of Guelph. From 1981-83, he and his wife Yvonne served with Christian Blind Mission in Nigeria and Congo (Brazzaville) 1981-83. Hearing God's call to pastoral ministry, Ernest graduated in 1987 with a Master's of Divinity from Emmanuel College in Toronto. He served United Church pastoral charges in St. Joseph Island (7 years), Goulais River (5 years), and Blyth (2 years) before joining the Evangelical Missionary Church and planting Living Water Christian Fellowship in 2001. Ernest served as chaplain in the Canadian Forces reserves (3 years) and chaplain at Wingham & District Hospital (12 years), and as secretary on the Board of Governors for Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener. They raised 4 children; sadly, in 2018 Yvonne succumbed to a 15-year struggle with brain cancer. In 2019 Ernest married Patti Wilkins who has a salon/spa and (like him) 4 adult children. Ernest's passion is making disciples for Jesus, particularly through mentoring and preaching/teaching. In his spare time, he enjoys fixing people's computers, reading, helping look after Patti's numerous farm "pets", and encouraging friends on the social network.

family pic calvin and I 2020.jpg

Heidi McNeil | Office Administrator

Heidi grew up attending the Mennonite Church in Breslau where she accepted the Lord and was baptized. In high school, her family started attending a Pentecostal Church in Waterloo where she met Calvin (a few years later). After 5 years of courting, they were married and will be celebrating their 18th anniversary this year. They have been blessed with two children (Amanda and Sam) but have also experienced a few loses (Jody, Jesse and Thomas).  Heidi is new to the staff and is working hard to learn the ropes as Administrator.  Life has and continues to be a blessing serving her church family at Huron Chapel!


Gary Lisle | Chair

Calvin McNeil

Rick Howson

Jason Buttar

Team Leaders

Debra Rodges | Finance 

Rob Campbell | Children's Ministry, Faith@Home, Youth

Dave Boonstoppel | Global Outreach 

Ernest Dow | Men's / Women's / Seniors' 55+ Ministries

Lynn Smith | Prayer

Melodi Wallace | Care & Connect 

Laura Beacom | Catering, Servants

Steve Campbell | Property

Wes Beacom | Personnel


The term "Christianity" has picked up a lot of baggage over the years, but to us, being a Christian simply means following Jesus.


Huron Chapel Evangelical Missionary Church belongs to the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC), which in turn is a denomination affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. In the EMCC, we function with unity in diversity. We are a diverse group of Canadian followers of Jesus, who live with grace and appreciation for "unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials, and love in all things".

Our uniqueness is that we are trying to stay centred on living like Jesus, for Jesus, and in the power of the Spirit of Jesus. We call this the Way of Jesus.


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Articles of Faith and Practice 

Position Papers

Faith Practices

Huron Chapel follows the following faith practices: Baptism (full immersion in water at an age of understanding, representing death to sin, and rising to a new life with Christ), Child Dedication (committing a child at an early stage of life to the Lord, praying for God's will in the child's life, support for the parents, and asking the church to commit to helping the family in this goal), and Communion (the covenant meal in which followers of Jesus partake in the Lord's supper together, the elements of which represent the body and blood of Christ shed on the cross for us). If you would like to know more about any of these faith practices or how you can participate, please contact us!



• We meet one Saturday morning most months for breakfast, fellowship, and encouraging teaching. Contact Pastor Ernest for more info.
• We participate regularly in regional events sponsored by PromiseKeepers Canada. Contact Pastor Ernest for more info, or visit their website.


• We gather periodically for luncheons where we enjoy uplifting worship and inspiring speakers. Contact the church office for information on the next scheduled event.


  • In 1969, Mr. Dave Rolston (member of the Christian Men’s Association) approached several individuals and obtained the $500.00 necessary to purchase the old Presbyterian Church in Auburn. For many years after that, they would hold regular Sunday night services, each year, drawing more and more people.

  • With this growth, it was apparent that a “full time” pastor was needed, and for several years after that, Rev. Ron Curl filled this position, dividing his time between Huron Chapel and another church in the area.

  • In 1978, Rev. Wayne Good accepted the call to Huron Chapel and on April 20th, 1980 Huron Chapel became a member of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada. On this Sunday, 15 charter members joined the newly formed Huron Chapel Missionary Church, some of which are still with us today.

  • In April, 1999, land was purchased and in August of 2001 construction began, fulfilling a vision that started over a decade earlier.  In Sept., 2002, the old church was sold and Huron Chapel was now meeting in the new building, though not yet in the main sanctuary.

  • Finally, on Easter Sunday 2003, the church family joyfully gathered together for worship in the new sanctuary, and on Oct.5th, 2003, Huron Chapel Evangelical Missionary Church had its official opening and dedication.

  • From the time the construction period had commenced in August 2001, it was estimated that over 20,000 volunteer hours had gone into building the new facility.